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Public Wifi with Clean Dashboard
We know as business owner they want to see everything at one place with complete and clean statistics. The number of users using our hotspot and their connection, their mode of connection with all the info graphics and luckily our WIfi Beans Dashboard has all of these.
The analytics helps the manager or owner of the premises to thing about their future aspect based on the number of users or customer engaging with their wifi. They can plan a marketing campaign or cross sell some other products through our captive portal and landing page.

Wifi Hotspot Dashboard

The interface and dashboard of Wifi beans is very user friendly and easy to use. You can select the appropriate option to view the statistics and other features. All the functions are just a click away and even you can export the data from the system so that you can save it for long term purpose at your local system.

Data exported in .csv or excel format that can be reused in other marketing tools like mailchimp or CRM.

Wifi Beans - Summarized Data

1. Top 5 users
2. New registrations (unique users)
3. Returning users
4. Number of users that used a specific social network to login: trend, single day stats
5. Facebook check-ins
6. Location: world map or single country stats

Every User Data in Dashboard

1. Name and surname
2. Age and birth date
3. E-mail address
4. Phone number
5. Social network chosen to log in
6. Number of connections to the Wi-Fi network
7. MAC address of the AP
8. IP Address and MAC address of the client