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Captive Portal and its Functions
Captive portal is the screen which the user sees before entering or connecting to the wifi hotspot. Basically this is the authentication screen before user get into the use of wifi. Here user can register with their credentials or by any other means as per the captive requirement and then can enjoy the wifi service.

The captive portal helps user to get connect in a particular network. Wi fi Beans is so much advance that we have editable and custom made captive portal based on the requirement of the owner they can set the page of captive. The registration or authentication is done either through contact number or password or coupon code or social logins. These data are very much useful for marketing segment as they can run a campaign to users to advertise them on their personal credentials. Also the portal in the admin side helps to view all the statistics and connection which makes our system more stronger and useful than any other software in this stream.

Captive Portal and its Features

We can create different type of SSID’s for any given AP. In Wifi Beans we have restricted to number of SSIDs to 8 and we can term 8 SSID’s to a particular device to AP. These SSID’s helps the owner to create an access control under different department or various group of user.
Our firmware supports almost every vendor’s device. We have a vast range of supportable AP’s of different manufacturer.


1. Abuse control and black list specific MAC addresses
2. Choose session timeout and idle timeout
3. Limit the number of sessions per each client on a per hour/day/week basis
4. Allow roaming among APs (centralized authentication).

Core Features

1. Customize the splash page layout
2. Add image and video advertisements through the built-in system
3. Enable many different login flows: social login (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Windows Live), or other login flows, like e-mail, phone (verified via SMS token), code, vouchers/coupons
4. Set up the landing page
5. Show terms and conditions and require acceptance
6. Share Wi-Fi insights with your customers through the Wifi Beans Dashboard.