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Easy to use and easy to maintain
Make your business easy with our WiFi Beans

At Wifi Beans store we make things easy so that you feel the awesomeness of the product to understand and make it available for anyone to use. The product is been designed so beautifully that you can manage any AP from any other location sitting at any remote location and hence making support and uptime of the system almost 100 %.

Wifi Beans is the most trusted and appropriate wifi hotspot tool for hospitality sector. Designed and Developed specifically taking into consideration places where hotspot is needed For e.g Hotels, Restaurant, Cafe's and Schools etc.
We have given a O- Touch configuration, through which we can install and configure the system completely from any location. The AP’s can be shipped to client’s premisis or location and then our support executive will be ready to work on it easily.

We upgrade the firmware, configure SSID’s and update passwords and access points from our location. Wifi beans works with wide range of products which can be termed as access points . Customer can use the right model as per their need and hence we have firmware for each one of them. Choose your AP’s and we install firmware in it so that it can connect to network.

Wifi & Hotspot Management has neven been so easy
  • Fully editable splash page and clean landing page to use as per business need.
  • Enable social login feature to connect with your customer and can build a customer base to use them ahead for further promoting your deals.
  • Analytics and dashboard helps you to know more insights about your hotel. Know all users who are connecting to your wifi hotspot alng with their MAC address so that we can keep a record of all the users at every point of time.