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Wifi Beans
Wifi hotspot for Schools and Universities.

Every education institute or schools and universities can develop an interactive way to connect with their students through wifi hotspot portal. Providing free wifi service to students and staffs with limited bandwidth can help them to surf and get as much of knowledge as they can from internet and browsing different site.

Block unwanted content and filter web data

Since the students will be using the hotspot its very much necessary to look after their usage sites, hence a parental control features can be pushed to make it more safe and secure for students and other people.

So here some sites can be termed under block list and this will be helpful as these sites wont be accessible to any person when they connect to your wifi hotspot.

Wifi access with Access contol for every user

We can create different SSID’s for each level of users as per their management rights.
Say for an example in a public school event where wifi hotspot is provided all the staff can access the system through a password hence a password splash page will be provided whereas each students will be made mandatory to provide their bbasic details and then they can login into the system. So separate SSID’s will help us to select the wifi network as per the users because number of SSID’s will be the wifi names like Wifi Staff and WIfi Students.

At the control desk or dashboard, all the information will be available as the number of connections made under each SSID’s along with all the data of students as well as staff who are in the system currently.