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Wifi Beans
Wifi for Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Night Clubs
Wi-Fi for Cafe's and Restaurants

Owners of Restaurant, cafes and other premises can engage their customer walking into their roof and they can make their customer to spend some more time under their roof by providing free wifi services. Every customer does remember as on which place provides us with better amenities and service and customers do prefer those areas where they can hangout freely and with extra services.

Wifi hotspot helps every restaurant or café owner to increase their social visibility and also they get connected with their customer on regular basis through our social dashboard. The other side of providing wifi is to earn revenue as owner can also generate healthy revenue by making it as a paid wifi hotspot and the charges will be based on usage.
This powerful tool from Wifi Beans helps you to manage everything from one place and no need to have any other integration for separate functionality.

Gathers Users Useful Information

Wifi hotspot from Wifi Beans helps to get the vital information about our customer when they connect to our wifi hotspot. Every customer wants to use the free wifi and of they get it just by inputing their basic details then no one deny this, hence its very much sure that we grip almost 100% results and without any bouncing rate every owner gets the data very easily of their existing clients. As we get the data with respect to our requirement like age, gender, location, phone number and email address etc. we can use such data to re-market or re-advertise them with our product or services or cross sell them various products and keep them engaging.