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Wifi for Hotels, Resorts and Service Apartments
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Wi-Fi for hospitality: hotels, B&B, resorts

The hospitality sector in India has a lot to take from wifi and they can easily grow or scale up their revenues with positive mouth publicity. They can make their guest feel happy and can assure very well that the customer will have a stay again.
Many hotels are already using our superpower wifi solution with a packed social dashboard and and controlled captive portal. An easy access system for customers also without any hurdles and we have kept it as simple as possible so that even a lay man can connect their device in network.

Wifi beans have made the access to wifi hotspot so easy that any member whether its guest or staff can easily connect with the wifi and enjoy the service.
All the devices are securely connected through this application and at the backend all the MAC address of users are recorded and kept.

The wifi Beans Dashboard shows all the connections done in the network and also it shows the way or mode of connection whether its through coupon, social profile login or email id and password. Let the connected mode be anything but in control panel we can view and filter the strength for better marketing and advertisement.

Wifi to sell, upsell and cross sell products and services

Wifi beans is so powerful that it allows usrers to login and access the wifi hotspot through their social account. Once they login through facebook then they can also review in tripadvisor. These publishing on different platform will help hotels to pump up a positive vibe about the hotel and its brand all over a new circle.

A single review on tripadvisor or facebook can increase up your booking and sales. The social platform can totally change the game of your brand. The couponing system of wifi beans is much better than what you expect from a system.
You can generate coupon as per your requirement restricting on various factors. Basically, you customize the coupon as per your customer or as per the charge for using wifi hotspot. You can manage and configure the expiry time, bandwidth, data usage and speed from the control panel while generating coupons for any particular user.

So the same system can work as a paid wifi as well as free depends on situation. Even if your guest needs a specific plan for their usage then also you can create soupon as per all the constraints the guest needs and the device after connecting to wifi will work on the set pattern.
Wifi Beans has the most featured and easy to handle couponing system for hotels and Resorts in India.

Responsive splash page for enhanced promotion

When any guest in your hotel connects with the wifi hotspot then they have to go through a stage of verification. Verification through coupon or contact details or by social profile will be done as the user is genuine and real user or guest. We can easily showcase some advertisement in the splash page so that guest can take advantage of the advertisement and use the offers or discounts or make fruitful use of the marketing.
This splash page is responsive and hence its can work on any device. Using splash page editor we design the splash page as per your branding like using your hotel’s logo, tagline, information, multiple images and services offered from your hotel side.

Roaming in-between APs

There would be many or multiple AP’s installed and configured in your hotel at each floor and corners. If any guest moves within your hotel then at certain point he may loose the connection from its connected AP’s, hence we try to coordinate with the device to make it active and connect with the most nearby AP’s so that the connection is not lost and the data usage moves on seamlessly.

Also there is complete freedom to choose the hardware for AP’s as we provide multi vendor hardware support that can work with our firmware without any crack point.

Secure and Robust Hotel Wifi Hotspot – Wifi Beans

Yes Wifi Beans is one of the most secure and robust cloud architecture software that works smooth and more importantly easily. You don’t have to break your head to understand the system. We manage almost more than half of the part, the only portion which comes under hotel reception is to keep an observation on the system with a sip of coffee rest all is automated by us and everything is taken care by us.

Your guest will be delighted with the experience while using the wifi hotspot in your hotel.

Network management is just like a cake walk.

The administrator or network admin can easily configure or setup the SSId’s and devices through which the hotel manager can make use as per their need whether its paid or free wifi hotspot and choose the authentication method. Based on their selection we drive our system and device as per them.
Coupons are offered and delivered to the hotel so that they can make it available to their guest based on their room number they have booked In hotel. With help of this coupon code we get to analyze the data usage by each guest at different rooms.

Wifi Beans has a support to multi vendor hardware and has a firmware that controls the complete captive portal. Manufacturer like TP-Link, D-link and other vendors are all supported by WIfi Beans.

Wifi Marketing for Hotels in India

Using the captive portal and our social dashboard there is a lot more apart from only wifi service. Every hotel will serve a huge base of customer or guest and the data can be stored in any third party CRM integrated with us.Mail tools like mailchimp and other CRM and customer support application will help the hotel to maintain the relation with their customer and guest.

The analytics and data gathered in the system can include age, gender, contact number and location etc and the fields are totally based on hotel management as what data they want to fetch from customers.