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Paid and Easy to use Wifi
The WIfi Beans couponing system is hassle free and the very simple to process you paid wifi technique. It has a unique easy to create coupon, print and distribute as per records so it manages everything from the base start till the final stage. You can easily view the list of connections made through coupons. Also we get a state of coupon as whether the coupon is been used or not. The social dashboard of Wifi Beans helps us to know which belongs to their respective room number and at the backend it traces all the working and process.

The front desk reception can distribute the coupons once the customer check ins in to hotel and as per their room number the desk person give them the free coupon to use for wifi. If in case some hotel or other owner wants it to be paid then they can generate the coupon on spot and can take a print. Generation of coupon is very easy and can be easily done with a knowledge on basic factor. Also the coupon generation is so flexible with respect to attributes as we can generate coupon with limits to bandwidth, usage, speed and time.
Coupon code will also have a tag that will help the hotel manager to distinguish between different coupons and they can tag the coupon as per the room number also to avoid any misconceptions.

Complete control on guest Internet access

After distributing the coupon generated by us you can easily control them as if you want to stop and resume any user then the control panel do provide the provision to do it. Also through coupon we can limit the usage, download limit and upload limit along with the hours of use.
So in short, Wifi Beans helps you to take everything under your control.

Dynamic Captive Portal – Wifi Beans

Wifi Beans Splash page has various mode of authentication and depending upon the need the owner of the premises can set the authentication method. For any user to connect with hotspot they either have to provide a password to the wifi or share their contact details or any coupon code received from staff or they can login through social profile.
These modes are to make out system much safe and secure so that every user can be validate and verified before connecting with hotspot. Whoever connects with the wifi their details and mode of connection is displayed in the cloud dashboard of Wifi Beans.