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Generate lead through local wifi and hotspot marketing

New Door for Marketing and Advertisement

Our powerful feature of capturing the data of customer while connecting with your free wifi helps other marketing agencies to afvertise on those customer information such as email id or phone number.

Even any business can market them or promote thwir own products later to visited customers and captured clients on record. If you have a multiple location where WIfi Beans has been installed then you can segregate the data from each location and can market or advertise them as per your need.

Free Wifi helps business to boost customer as customer tends to spend time at a location where they get free wifi service so that they can do their part of work free.
There are lot of marketing tools integrated with Wifi Beans so that you can take full advantage of all the marketing stream and boost your customer .
Wifi Beans with Marketing Mix

More leads and conversion

If you are the owner of any business?

Wifi Services allows you to know more about your customer, their behavioral pattern so that we can market them or advertise them as they are into or based on their likes and dislikes.
We can run real time advertisement campaign to generate more and more leads on spot and try to convert them at first shot.

Wifi Beans also gets integrated with other and many marketing tools that helps you to make use your connected customer details to the core level.

Analyze Data

Wifi Beans store provide you with a superior level of dashboard that helps you to analyze all the public hotspot data and connection made in your network.

Such KPI’s helps business owner to predict and summarize their business values in near future. All the users data can be very well exported in different forms or excel and also can be easily imported to their business tools to work and process further. Wifi beans is one of the best wifi hotspot solutions available in India.

Generate Qualified Leads

Public and free wifi hotspot service helps any business to grow their customer but indirectly we are also capturing the data of those visited users. Even if they browse it for a short time their data is reflected to us to whom we can easily promote and convert for our next deals or offers.

In shopping mall or during any events you can easily generate hundreds of customer data and increase the awareness of different brands through wifi marketing techniques.