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Public Wifi Hotspot growing Day by Day

Want to be a Wifi hotspot provider ?

Almost everywhere nowadays people are providing free access to wifi hotspot and its increasing every month in urban areas. At different spots and crowded or reputed areas you can easily get wifi hotspot to use.
The way people are taking this product or service is overwhelming and definitely in future this will work in almost every popular station or spot say education schools, universities, malls, cafes, restaurants and hotels etc.
The hidden feature comes when as a marketer you can use the data generated through your free wifi services and hotpots. You can easily target them as per your need as you know their basic information. Definitely you should not miss a chance to play with wifi opportunity at such an premature stage, where the whole world around you a hotspot solution. So develop your business and your business premisis a place to generate leads and a factor to keep engaging your old as well as new customers.

Wifi Social Beans

Social wifi is a concept where we connected our wifi product to social network so that the channel grow in an exponential way. We created a social login feature that enables user to login into the product for free wifi use through their social profile as they are more easy and less time consuming. In a click user can login into Wifi Beans and can get access to free wifi services.
The percentage of users getting addicted through social feature has a drastic values over recent years due to its easiness.

Once the user connects through profile their data gets accumulate in our system which can therby be used for marketing and we can also touch other new users their linked on friends section of visitor.
The prospect of user will increase day by day as there are multiple locations in each city where the wifi services are needed and people are reacting with this need. Even small café are interested to provide a free wifi services to their clients so that they can make their customer happy and feel good. This is all because every business wants their customer to revisit or come again and that is possible if and only if we as a marketer or business owner bind our customer on regular basis.

Easy to access your wifi hotspot for anyone

  • Wifi hotspot is something which every people around is looking to access. So if you can provide a good and stable hotspot then you can expect customers coming at your desk.
  • Apart from login and registering through manual email process, wifi beans has a social login and a coupon code login access too. This makes us more productive and stable when it comes to accessing the hotspot.
  • After entering into the system, we provide a landing page known as splash page which is totally customized and can be used for advertisement purpose of your brand.
  • Through splash page we can redirect the customer to other sites or deals or advertisement, hence it can generate extra income for you as it works as a part of affiliated marketing.
  • The dashboard of Wifi Beans helps you to analyze and summarize the user accounts and their marketing plan . Also you can view all the connections in your hotspot and export the data of customer to market them.
  • There are different set of marketing tools made available for you so that you can use those platform to engage your brand with the customer.

Power of Data from free hotspot

Every business needs data and some or the other way every business search for real data to market or advertise them through different sources and hit them with right choice of marketing.
As a wifi service provider we kept all such factors in our brain and came up with this amazing product name Wifi Beans that helps you to provide a secure page of access before granting user for free wifi. This helps the software to generate real time ongoing current customers data that can be perfectly used for any other purpose at any time.

We have our custom captive portal that helps you to view all the information under one roof and since its cloud based, it can easily be managed and accessed from any location.
Ahead our punch software like mailchimp and other CRM helps every business to carry on their lead generation with existing customer and also to create new customer through this medium. Wifi Beans is the most trusted hotspot and wifi solution provider available in cities of India.